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Our company is the representative of Wiener Classic Orchestra in Turkey.

The Wiener Classic Orchestra was founded by soloists, ballet dancers and singers of significant Viennese ochestras.The extraordinary versatility of the ochestra is especially shown in its ability to change the numbers of musicians,- from a string quartett to chamber music up to a symphonic orchestra from the size and style of the Viennese classic.

Depending on the program the ensemble can be equipped for making it able for all kinds of music and keep the orchestra musically flexible .All further experiences that the members of the orchstra have made as soloists, chamber musicians, or orchestra musicians make the orchestra unique and bring their music up to bear.

The Wiener Classic Orchestra in any way has a strong relation to Vienna .All its members have studied in Vienna and all of them have been working here with the most important and biggest local orchestras for many years now.In this town they met for the first time and learned to become sensitively aware of each other.

The continuing work with the great masters of the Viennese Classic and their period and at least composers like Schubert, Lanner and Strauss, Mozart were the reason to call the ensemble after this period.

Since ever the capital of the monarchy has had the power to attract all the musicians which we also were not able to escape.In all these spheres we want to keep musical traditions that have made this town so famous and unexchangeable.

This Orchestra makes tours to whole Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India, USA, South America and Canada.

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