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KRIMS KRAMS Mat: Have you ever tried to lie on a 'Bed of Nails'

KRIMS KRAMS Mat with 6210 points!
It touches to the points and body efficiently.
KRIMS KRAMS Mat is the modern version of the original Bed of Nails, according to Vedic tradition from India over 5.000 - 7,000 years ago, created by Indian Yogis using ancient Indian wisdom.

KRIMS KRAMS Mat is made of cotton, foam padding and plastic spikes.

The Geometry of the points is of great importance

6210 points are placed in a perfect geometric pattern called a Yantra (in Sanskrit).
Each plastic disc has 27 points and a hollow middle.


Size: 67 x 42cm
Detachable foam inside
230 plastic buttons with 27 spikes each.
Cotton fabric
Colour: Green / White


Green as a Colour

Green is the colour of the heart chakra, Anahata. Green is also  the colour of calm and harmony and the colour of life as you can see when you look around in any landscape. .

Cleaning instructions

If needed, KRIMS KRAMS mat can be hand washed in luke warm water and hung to dry. Avoid washing mashine and dryer as the plastic spikes can be damaged.


The bed of nails is a very ancient tool that has its roots in Indian mysticism. It was used by Yogis (practitioners of Yoga)

The bed of nails was not a “macho toy” to prove endurance to pain, which is the general view of the Indian fakir.

In many cultures across the globe applications with nails or the bed of nails have been performed, from China to the Sámi custom of lying on juniper branches.

No-one knows with certainty how far back the bed of nails have been used to heal and increase consciousness in humans, but I estimate at least a couple of thousand years.

During the 1980’s the bed of nails re-emerged in Russia, where it was used in healthcare with great results. Extended research about the effects of the bed of nails where performed at Russia which showed amazing results.

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